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Here at Savings Account Rates Info, we review high interest savings accounts from both traditional banks and online banks.  Our aim is to help you compare the best high yield savings accounts to assist you in getting the most from your money.

Please note that we are not a bank, we simply write articles reporting on the latest savings account rates at many banks across the United States.  For the latest information from any specific bank, please see that bank’s own web site.  Also please realize that this is a financial blog, and the rates and information in our posts are accurate as of the date shown on the blog post.  Just as newspapers and magazines do not constantly revise their old articles, we do not revise our articles either.  Instead, we will publish update articles periodically to review the current savings account rates available.  Please check the categories on the right-hand side to see our latest articles for each financial institution, and please also check the financial institution’s own web site for the most recent savings account rates information available.