AloStar Bank Savings Accounts Rates

The AloStar Bank Savings rates are from one of the newer financial institutions in the nation. They first opened their doors in Texas in 2011 but are managed by executives from Bank of America and Wells Fargo, so top notch experience is present in the management makeup of this organization.

The current AloStar Savings rates include the standard savings account that is earning an APY of 0.50%. This account only requires a minimum deposit of $50 to open and obtain the stated interest rate. You will be able to have free online access to this account. Unlike many other savings accounts, you will also receive a debit card so withdrawals can be done easier. There is still the restriction of only 6 withdrawals per billing period without having a penalty fee assessed against the account.

The AloStar Money Market rates are where the best Savings account rates from AloStar can be found.

The APY of 0.99% can be obtained from the Advantage Money Market Account. This requires a minimum deposit of $50,000.For balances below that, the APY is only 0.50%. This account also has free online access to it, so you will always be aware of your account balance and any activity with the account. This account is federally limited to 6 withdrawals per billing period. Any additional withdrawal is charged an additional fee.

There is also the standard AloStar Money Market account. It is earning an APY of 0.60%. The minimum deposit to obtain this APY is only $1,000.

All of these AloStar Savings account rates were posted in January 6, 2012 but are still current for the month of March. All rates are subject to change without notice.


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