Chase Bank Savings Rates

We haven’t had a look at the offers at Chase Bank savings rates in a while, so we here at Savings Account Rates Info thought we should revisit them and let you know what’s changed.  High interest savings account rates have changed, of course, as they fluctuate almost daily, but what about the account offers themselves?

As before, there are still three basic Chase Bank savings account rates to choose from, with your choice likely depending on your available deposit amount and account services needs.  The standard Chase Bank savings rates in a regular savings account are on par with the national averages in returns.  These accounts require only a $300 minimum deposit to avoid fees with a special exception for those under 18, who have no fees regardless of deposit amount.  This is a good savings account for those building a small nest egg to move towards more rewarding, high yield savings accounts and for children to learn to save their money themselves.

The Chase Plus Savings is a good high yield savings accounts option with much higher payouts with high interest savings account rates.  These require a $15,000 minimum ledger balance to avoid fees, but payouts are in larger percentages for the higher deposit.  Deposits are graded in tiers, with higher deposits equalling higher yield savings accounts returns.

Finally, money market savings is the other option in Chase savings account rates for higher-yield returns.  With a $1,500 deposit requirement to avoid fees, these accounts give flexibility that can’t be had with other savings options.  Along with their good high yield savings accounts payouts, these accounts allow easier access to your funds.

If you’re looking for a solid, FDIC insured high yield savings accounts option, consider what’s down the street at the local Chase Bank savings rates.  In fact, many local banks have good options in this regard as do online banks.

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