Chase Bank Savings Account Rates

Chase Bank is one of the nation’s premier banking and lending institutions with offices throughout the United States. Because they are so well known and respected, we at Savings Account Rates Info thought that we should definitely look into them for you. Chase savings account rates vary by type of account, but the high yield savings accounts they offer are competitive.

Two high interest savings accounts from Chase are the Chase Money Market Savings and Chase Plus Savings. Both accounts require linked Chase checking accounts or a minimum account balance requirement in order to avoid fees. Both are accessible by ATM across the U.S., can be set up with automatic deposits for automatic savings, and earn interest at competitive rates. Both are, of course, high yield online savings accounts and are insured through FDIC to the maximum the law allows.

Chase Money Market Savings accounts have a minimum ledger balance requirement of $1,500 unless linked to a current Chase Better Banking Checking account. Current Money Market account interest rates are at an annual percentage yield (APY) of 0.10-0.15%, depending on total balance in account. That is a competitive yield for a Money Market account.

For their Chase Plus Savings internet savings account, which has a minimum $50 opening deposit and includes free internet savings account services, APY rates range from 0.5% to 1.25%, depending on total balance. These are daily balance averages compounded monthly. Accounts linked with a current Chase Premier Checking account (or better) receive higher interest yields.

In our continued efforts to find the best online savings accounts for you, we found Chase Bank savings account rates to be worth considering for anyone who’s in the market to find a good high yield online savings account as their offerings are very attractive.

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