Citibank Savings Account Rates

Most Americans have heard of Citibank for everything from home mortgages to online checking accounts. When we here at Savings Account Rates Info found about the savings account rates at Citibank, we knew we had to look into them for you. The high yield savings accounts at Citibank are definitely worth considering.

Two accounts are obvious choices for high interest savings accounts consideration, with Citibank savings account rates at a whopping 2.5% Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Billed as a “high interest savings account and nothing more,” this account is that, for sure. The Ultimate Savings Account has a $100 minimum deposit and is available only by phone or as an internet savings account online. The account has no maintenance fees and no checking account with Citibank is required.

If you need easier access to your money via checks and would prefer a savings option tied to a checking account for easier auto-deposits, then the Ultimate Money Account as a Citi Bank savings account rates option might be for you. This money market has a 2.0% APY and no monthly maintenance fees if tied with a Citibank checking account and a $100 minimum deposit. There are other restrictions, with details at Citibank, but this market account is worth looking at as a high yield online savings account option.

Both of these Citibank accounts are FDIC insured to the maximum allowed by law. Citibank is a large and respected instutition and Citibank savings account rates are definitely competitive.
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