Citizens Bank Savings Account Rates May 2012

The Citizens Bank Savings rates are from a small bank in Providence, Rhode Island that was founded in 1828. Today, it has grown to over 1500 branch offices and has now a service area of 12 different states.

The Citizens Savings rates are at 0.10% for the Circle Gold Savings account. There is no monthly service fee and no minimum deposit to open an account. You will have unlimited access to your account with the Citizens Bank online banking services.

If you intend to be saving for a new home, then the Citizens Bank Homebuying Savings account might be right for you. This account is earning an APY of 0.25% on the balance. If you make a deposit of $100 or more each month for 3 years, Citizens Bank will credit your account $1,000 that can be used for closing costs, if your take your mortgage out with them.

The Citizens Bank Passbook savings account is earning an APY of 0.03%. This account requires a minimum deposit of $25. To avoid the monthly service fee, you must maintain a balance of $500 in the account.

The Citizens Bank Money Market rates are also the best Savings account rates being offered by Citizens Bank. This is set up in a tiered format. The minimum balance amounts are $0, $10,000, $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, and $2,000,000. The corresponding APYs are 0.05%, 1.00%, 1.00%, 1.00%, 1.00%, and 0.30%. A minimum deposit of $10,000 is required to open this account and the balance that must be maintained, to avoid the $20 monthly service fee.

All of the Citizens Bank Savings Account rates were posted on May 18, 2012, but are subject to change without notice.


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