Citizens Bank Savings Account Rates

Savings accounts can help you meet your planned and unplanned expenses with a lot of ease. Whether your goal is to fund college or take a dream vacation or make a down-payment for a new house, savings accounts are the most reliable way to achieve your financial goals. Many banks offer savings accounts with good interest rates and Citizens Bank is one of them. There are six different kinds of Citizens high yield savings accounts and they are Circle Gold savings account, Circle savings account, Green savings account, Personal savings account, Homebuyer savings account and College Saver account. Each of these accounts come with many features that make it easy to reach your financial goals. These high interest savings accounts are insured by FDIC and are also backed by the trust and reliability of Citizens Bank.

The current Citizens Bank savings account rates for Circle gold savings is 0.15% APY for all balances. The Citizens savings account rates for circle savings account is 0.10% APY for all balances while for green savings account, it is 0.05% APY for all balances. The Citizens interest rates for the personal savings account is also 0.05% APY for all balances. The HomeBuyer savings account rates are 0.30% APY for a balance of up to $1000, 0.40% for balances between $1000 and $2499 and 0.50% for balances over $2500 respectively. You can also get a $1000 credit, provided you make a minimum transfer of $100 into this account for 36 months. Also, only one account can be had per property. These features and rates makes these savings accounts popular among investors.

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