Commerce Bank Savings Account Rates

Commerce Bank is a community bank that offers a range of financial services and products for its customers. It operates in the states of Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Colorado. Along with a call-center and online banking, this bank is able to reach out far and wide to its customers who located in different parts of the country. Among its financial products, its high interest savings accounts are popular.

The personal savings account offered by Commerce Bank is insured by FDIC and so, one can deposit money in it with a lot of peace of mind. The minimum amount required to open an account is $1 for minors and $100 for others. The Commerce Bank savings account rates are compounded daily for higher earnings. All customers have access to online and phone banking 24/7. This bank charges a monthly maintenance fee of $3 and this amount is waived when a minimum daily balance of $300 is maintained in the account. This service fee is waived for accounts belonging to minors. It allows a maximum of three withdrawals or transfers every month and any additional transfer incurs a charge of $1. There are no check writing privileges for this account and an online statement is sent to the account holder at the end of every billing cycle.

The current Commerce Bank savings rates are 0.05% APY for all balances. These features make it a convenient way to save for long-term goals such as down payment for a house, college education or a well-deserved vacation. Also, the savings account rates at Commerce Bank are competitive in the current market conditions.

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