Discover Bank Savings Account Rates

Discover Bank has been serving customers for close to century now. It first opened its bank to its customers in 1911 from Greenwood, DE. Today, it offers numerous products to its customers like CDs, money market accounts, savings account, IRA and so on. The savings accounts are very easy to open and they can even be done online within a few minutes. All that the customer has to do is to provide the personal details, fund the account and then click on submit. The system will take care of everything else and the customer can easily access the savings account. Other than the ease of opening, these accounts can also be managed online. This gives a lot of flexibility to the users. Besides these factors, the Discover Bank savings account rates are one of the best in the market, making it one of the high yield savings accounts today.

The current discover savings account rates are 1.35% APY for all balances and periods. When compared to the national average, the interest rates at Discover Bank are very high. The national average is 0.27% APY and the interest rates offered by Discover Bank beat this number by more than 1%. This high Discover interest rates is one of the primary reasons for its popularity. It is also backed by the trust and reliability of discover Bank and insured by FDIC, so customers can stop worrying about their money. These factors make Discover high yield savings accounts very attractive to many kinds of customers living in different parts of the country.

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