ING Direct Savings Account Rates

As we work to find the best online savings accounts for you, we at Savings Account Rates Info had to look at ING Direct savings account rates and see what kind of high yield savings accounts they have to offer. Being one of the most respected investment and savings firms, we were not disappointed to find that they have plenty for you to consider.

With Annual Percentage Yields starting at 0.50% and going up to a high of 2.80%, there is a high interest savings accounts option worth putting your list of possibles. For a stable, no-frills, internet savings account, the Orange Savings Account rates at ING Direct are a good option here. With an APY of 2.50% with no fees or minimums and FDIC insurance, this account requires only a current checking account and has free money transfers.

For those interested in high interest ING savings account rates and a checking account to boot, then Electric Orange is the option. Annual Percentage Rates start at 0.50% for low balance accounts and goes up to 2.80% for accounts with $100,000 or more balance. Other perks include a free MasterCard debit card, free online bill pay, free ATM access, and more. For the person who needs an all-in-one account option and still needs high yield savings, this might be the answer.

ING savings account rates are competitive and their offerings appear strong, so we’re sure that when you’re looking for the best online savings accounts available, you’ll be well-served to keep the savings account rates at ING Direct on your list.
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