M&T Bank Savings Account Rates

This blog focuses on the high interest savings accounts of different banks. In this article, we will focus on high yield savings accounts of M&T Bank.

M& T Bank is a leading bank that offers high interest rates. It is a reliable bank whose financial positions are strong and interest rates are stable. They have many different kinds of savings and lending products and we will look into the savings account rates and features.

There are many savings accounts offered by M&T Bank. First is the M&T e-money market account for which the M&T Bank savings account rate is 0.50% and there is a requirement to maintain $1.00 as daily balance. Next is power money market account where the introductory interest rate is 1.49% and the regular rate is, up to $9999.99 is 0.25%. Interest rates for balances between $10,000 and $49999.99 rate is 0.45% and the rates for a balance between $50,000 and $ 99999.99 it is 0.55%. For balances over $100,000, the rates are 0.65%.

Another kind of savings account is the M&T market advantage where M&T savings account rates for a balance between $1 and $24999.99 is 0.05% while balances between $25000 to $49999.99 interest rate is 0.10% , from $50000 to $99999 interest is 0.20% and above $100000 the interest rate is 0.25%. For all the above Savings deposit there is an online opening option and an overdraft facility.

The last kind is the relationship savings account where for any amount above $1, the savings account rates at M&T Bank is 0.05%. These rates are quite competitive in the current market scenario. These interest rates coupled with the flexible and convenient features make it an ideal avenue for investment.

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