Regions Bank Savings Account Rates

Regions Bank began as a combination of three banks in Alabama and has since grown, now offering online accounts and services. Because they are large and well-respected, we at Savings Account Rates Info thought we should look over the Regions Bank savings account rates offered right now in our continual efforts to find the best online savings accounts available.

Regions savings account rates come in three basic flavors: LifeGreen Savings, Regions Savings, and Savings for Minors. Of these, the LifeGreen Savings is the type that might be considered high yield savings accounts. This account requires a $50 minimum deposit to open online, a current LifeGreen checking account with Regions, and interest is calculated according to current account balance (compounded daily, paid monthly).

These high interest savings accounts have five interest tiers: up to $2,499, $2,500-$9,999, $10,000 to $24,999, $25,000 to $49,999, and $50,000 and above. There is no monthly fee or minimum daily balance required. These accounts are FDIC insured to the extent of the law.

Another internet savings account offered by Regions is their Regions Savings account, which is a standard savings account that functions similarly to the LifeGreen Savings, but requires no checking account with Regents, but with a $4 service charge when your monthly balance is below $300.

Region’s Savings for Minors plans allows parents to open accounts for their children to use for deposits and withdrawals as well. These accounts have no fees, a single small interest rate, and require only $5 to open. Children can monitor their account safely online. These accounts require the parents to have at least one Regions Bank account, but otherwise are a way for parents to teach their children about banking and finance.

Looking over the Regions Bank offerings in high yield online savings accounts, we feel that anyone who is interested in this type of investment would be well-served in looking at what Regions Bank has to offer.

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