SunTrust Bank Savings Account Rates

In our continued coverage of high interest savings accounts, Savings Account Rates Info could not ignore savings account rates at SunTrust Bank. This is one of the most trusted banks in the Eastern United States, with branches in Virginia, D.C., Georgia, and more. Now with online accounts, it’s possible for anyone to open an internet savings account at SunTrust. So we thought it definitely worth a look as we scour the nation for the best online savings accounts.

SunTrust has two savings account plans: Get Started and Personal Savings. Both accounts are available online or in a local branch, and SunTrust Bank savings account rates are competitive. Yields begin at 0.15% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) with no monthly fees and a $100 minimum opening deposit requirement. Withdrawals are limited to 2 per month, with a $4 service charge after that.

The Get Started Savings account is the better of the two high yield savings accounts, with an APY of 0.99% and a bonus payment after 12 months of continued banking. This account has a monthly maintenance fee of $3 if an automatic transfer from a SunTrust checking account for savings building is not met. These accounts can be set up to meet life savings goals such as college tuition, retirement savings, vacation funding, and more.

SunTrust savings account rates comparisons should also include Money Market accounts, of which they have two. Rates for these begin at 0.20% APY and build in tiers to 1.50% at $1 million or more in average daily balance. At 1.01% for $100,000, these money market accounts are definitely competitive. So, we think it could be worth your while to take a look at SunTrust for your high yield online savings account needs.
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