SunTrust Savings Account Rates

It’s been a little while since we here at Savings Account Rates Info updated you on current SunTrust Savings Account Rates.  So we’re doing that now, so you’ll be appraised of the latest info.

We’ll look at several SunTrust account options to show you the latest and best savings account rates available there right now.

Premium Money Market – These are some of the highest savings account rates at SunTrust right now.  They’re in tiers and, as with most money markets, they allow withdrawals via check.  There are no fees if deposits are kept above $2,500 and withdrawals do not exceed 6 per month.  Rates are tiered by deposit:

  • $0-$9,999 – 0.10% APY
  • $10,000-$24,999 – 0.25% APY
  • $25,000 – $49,999 – 0.45% APY

Tiers proceed to over $1 million in increments of roughly 0.15%.

Get Started Savings – This is an account meant for new applicants to the bank, but also applies to current SunTrust customers.  This SunTrust Bank savings account rates are higher than standard savings, but require a $25/month automatic transfer from a SunTrust checking account.

There are no fees if this term is met, otherwise they are $3/month.  Best savings account rates for this account are 0.35% APY on all deposits and there is the possibility of qualifying for a one-time bonus payment of another 0.35% after one year of savings.  See your local SunTrust office for details.

Compare that to the standard savings rate of 0.05% APY and you can see that the extra requirements may be well worth the trouble to get the highest savings account rates.

SunTrust Bank is FDIC insured.  All savings account rates at SunTrust Bank are variable rates that will change often.  Check your local branch for current yields.

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