TD Bank Savings Account Interst Rates

It’s time once again for us to look at TD Bank savings account rates here at Savings Account Rates Info and bring you up to date on the latest at TD.  Many of the savings account rates at TD Bank have changed since we last looked at them.

There are two basic savings accounts available, each with different TD savings account rates.  The Convenience account has a $250 minimum balance to avoid fees adn returns 0.10% annual percentage yield (APY).  That’s a little better than the current national average.

For higher balances, the Elite account gives better savings account rates at TD Bank.  A minimum $10,000 balance is required to avoid fees.  This one returns an impressive 1.50% APY.  This account can be used for IRA deposits.

Another way to enjoy good savings account rates at TD Bank is through money markets.  For these accounts, TD Bank savings account rates are in tiers by deposit.  A $1,000 minimum balance is required to avoid fees (no minimum of over age 62).   Tiers start at $1,000 with a 0.10% APY, go up to 0.25% APY at $10,000, up to 0.50% APY at $25,000, and to 0.75% APY at $100,000.

These are some great offers for TD savings account rates.  Of course, if you want a higher return and want it locked in, you’ll be looking at certificates of deposit.  There are several.

A 9 month standard ate is 1.05% APY ($250 to open/maintain).  Step Rates are better, though, starting at one year with 1.14% APY and if you leave it for three years, it rises to 1.49% and then 2.23% each year, giving a good return.  The five year rate steps up to 4.17%.  Impressive.

TD Bank is FDIC insured.

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