US Bank Savings Account Rates Update

When we last looked at US Bank savings account rates here at Savings Account Rates Info, they were doing well.  They’ve changed since then, though, so we wanted to bring you the latest information.

Standard  and Gold savings accounts still require no minimum deposit and US Bank savings account rates there are 0.10% annual percentage yield (APY), which is very competitive.

For a US Bank high interest savings account option, money markets are in tiered levels by deposit.  They start at 0.05% APY for under $1,000, go up to 0.15% APY for up to $9,999, then 0.20% up to $24,999 and then 0.35% APY for over $25,000.  Great US Bank high yield savings account options there.

Even better are the Five Star offers with US Bank money market account rates even higher for these checking account-linked money markets.  Yields start at 0.15% (up to $1,499), go up to 0.25% APY (up to $9,999) then 0.75% APY (up to $49,999) and 1.01% APY over that.

Rates are fluctuating a lot in today’s market, of course.  US Bank is FDIC insured to the fullest extent of the law.  Other US Bank high yield savings account options to look at include certificates of deposit which require only $1,000 to open and range in promotional terms at 19, 29, and 59 months from 1.15% APY to 3.00% APY.

It’s definitely worth keeping your eye on the best savings account rates and often, those are found to be US Bank savings account rates.  Until next time…

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